The Hope Center

Providing a Beacon of Hope

"Additional Services "

Edwards County “Yellow Pages” Directory of Services

Law Inforcement:

Edwards County Sheriff Department    911    618-445-2721

Albion Police Department                      911     618-445-2917

West Salem Police                                  911    618-456-3525

Lecal Assistance: 

Edwards County States Attorney                     618-445-3656

Edwards County Probation                                618-445-3567

Edwards County Circuit Clerk                           618-445-2016

Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance         Legal: 1-877-342-7891

                                                           Victim: 1-877-642-5335

Help Resources:

(DCFS) Department of Children and Family Service                                                                                               618-393-2979                                                                                

The Guardian Center Inc.                           1-877-524-0031

or (Child Advocacy)                                         618-382-8247

Southern Illinois Primary Care Assoc.            618-445-2287

Edwards County Health Office                      618-445-2615

Edwards County Ministerial Alliance              618-445-2610

Edwards County General Assistance               618-445-2818

The Hope Center                                             618-445-2065

Edwards County Senior Citizens (Albion)       


Edwards County Senior Center (West Salem)  618-456-3600

Southeastern Illinois Centers for…

Pastoral Counseling                                           618-262-5921

NA – Narcotics Anonymous                            1-877-642-5831

AA – Alcohol Anonymous           618-262-7645;  618-298-2168

Hotline Help:

Child Abuse                                             1-800-252-2873

Crime Victims Assistance                        1-800-228-3368

Missing and Exploited Children               1-800-843-5763

Illinois Poison Hotline                             1-800-222-1222

Elder Abuse                                             1-800-252-8966    

Evenings and Weekends Elder Abuse      1-800-279-0400

Living Resources:

Wabash Area Development, Inc. (WADI)     618-445-2182

Edwards County Housing Authority                618-445-2715

Illinois Department of Public Aid                   618-262-5179

Energy Assistance Program                           1-800-252-8646

RIDES Mass Transit                                     1-877-667-6117

Opportunities for Access                                  618-382-7300

Provided by Edwards County Family Violence Prevention Council

To the individuals, families and especially those experiencing a crisis, the following services are available:

  • Sharing the Gospel of Christ
  • Prayer
  • Information on pregnancy and parenting options
  • Referrals for various needs
  • Assistance in locating affordable medial care
  • Grief support counseling
  • On-going support and assistance with pregnancy related issues
  • Mentoring for children and families
  • Parenting and Support classes
  • Drug and Alcohol Recovery Support
  • Community Service Coordination
  • Seminars
  • Tours of Center and Speakers